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The Male Doula

Each birth experience is different and an exact list of what will be given is impossible for me to give. If you have this list of packages most options will have been discussed with you already. 50% deposit is required 10 weeks before your estimated due date (either NHS given or your estimated date, whichever you prefer). For all the packages I will be on call for you 24/7 from week 36 of your pregnancy. You can add the hypnobirthing course to the Wooden and Silver packages for £395 extra. Included with Gold and Platinum.

Birth – This is 10 hours of my birth doula services and any equipment, food or care needed during that 10 hour period. All packages can go over the 10 hours but will possibly require a backup doula, who you will meet, to come in allowing me to rest.

November 2021 Doula Packages.

Wooden Package – £1195

The Wooden Package is for birth only. It will give you the option of paying as you go for other treatments with me or allow you to get pregnancy and postnatal treatments from someone else. This also includes a 2 hour get together to discuss what you want and don’t want during the course of labouring and birth. My time with you ends either 30 minutes after the birth of placenta or if you need to transfer to hospital.

Silver Package – £1350

The Silver Package is for those who appreciate the healing power Bowen Therapy can give to their body. Includes everything in the Wooden Package, but it will also give you 3 Bowen Therapy treatments leading up to the birth of your baby. These treatments can be taken from 30 weeks onward. You will also have a pregnancy massage after 12 weeks and a postnatal massage at any time you want it after the birth of your baby.

Gold Package – £2100

Although I/Matt have had extensive training in different massages, including Thai, Lomi Lomi, Sweedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Indian Massage and Reflexology, I prefer to use a bespoke approach to the massages I give. This means no 2 massages are ever the same. Each move, stroke, touch and pressure point used is in reaction to what your bosy needs. 

Platinum Package – £2650

The Platinum Package is all the above packages, except you will have 10 Bowen Therapy Treatments, 5 Pregnancy Massages and 5 Postnatal Massages.

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