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TMD Postnatal Massage

During a woman’s life many changes are seen in her body. The biggest changes happen when she becomes pregnant. To support the baby inside her lots of things happen, including opening of the pelvis, movement of internal organs to make room for baby as it grows, and a softening of cartilage that holds the pelvis together. After having a baby, with Vaginal or Cesarean birth, all of these adjustments don’t suddenly fall back into place.

A TMD Postnatal Massage gently softens tissue that has formed during pregnancy and lifts the uterus back up and lets the bowel, kidneys, liver, ovaries and other organs return to their normal place within the abdominal cavity.

On top of the physical aspects of this treatment, you will also get a feeling of balance and calm within your body that allows you to focus on looking after baby rather than over worrying about your own body.

During the treatment you will receive a mixture of traditional South American Rebozo techniques, Aromatherapy Oil Massage and Bowen Fascial Release Technique.

Home Visits

Home visits are something we have taken on, occasionally over the last 4 years. Now with the scene of the world-changing more and more people are asking for home visits. You can have any of the services listed at home. At this time due to logistics and calculation of the distance to individual homes and locations, you can’t book this online. 

Simply fill in this enquiry form. You will then be sent the next 3 available appointments to choose from and the cost of the visit.


Although I/Matt have had extensive training in different massages, including Thai, Lomi Lomi, Sweedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, Indian Massage and Reflexology, I prefer to use a bespoke approach to the massages I give. This means no 2 massages are ever the same. Each move, stroke, touch and pressure point used is in reaction to what your body needs. 

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