What Can Bowen Help With?

Below is a list of aches, pains, illnesses and conditions that Bowen Therapy has been beneficial for treating. Bowen is not claiming to be a cure, a preventative or the answer to all we face in health, but it can help!

The List, so far...


Adrenal Exhaustion

Ankle Splints





Back Problems

Balance Issues

Bells Palsy


Bladder Problems

Bowel Problems

Breast/Breast Feeding

Cancer (symptoms related to treatment)

Carpal Tunnel Sydrome

Cerebral Palsy

Coccyx Bone

Concentration Problems





Digestive Problems


Ear Conditions


Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

Erectile Issues

Fatigue (CFS)

Fluid Retention

Foot Problems

Frozen Shoulder

Fybromyalgia (FMS)

Glue Ear

Graves Disease



Hamstring Strain


Heart Conditions

Heel Spurs

Herniated Discs

Hormonal Imbalance

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)


Infertility - Male & Female

Jaw Misallignment


Knee Problems




Lupus (SLE)

Lymphatic Problems

Menstrual Problems



Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Muscle Spasms

Neurological Conditions


Parkinsons Disease

Pelvic Imbalance

Pelvic Inflammitory Disease


Pituitary Disorders

Plantar FasciItis

Poor Mobility

Pre and Post Workout



Restless Leg Syndrome

Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs)

Respitory Problems

Reynaulds Syndrome

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Sciatic Pain


Shin Splints


SPD - Pubis Symphysis

Sports Injuries


Tennis/Golfers Elbow


Thyroid Problems

TMJ/Jaw Pain



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Reviews for Bowen Bexley on Google (All 5 Stars):


I have been having Bowen treatment now for over a year and half, I starting treatment around 8weeks into my pregnancy. Bowen helped me with my morning sickness, hormonal headaches and back ache. I also had Bowen throughout my labour and birth, I had a back to back labour but with the help of bowen my daughter thankfully went into the correct position. Matt is extremely professional and welcoming. Bowen has helped me so much and I am so glad I was recommended it, I still have regular treatment to date to help me relax :). Thank you so much Matt you are truly amazing.



I went to see Matt at Bexley Bowen after Two major abdominal operations. Matt listened to me and took lots of notes which made me feel that he really cared. I wasn’t sure what to expect but Matt made me feel relaxed and comfortable. He realigned my back and pushed away My tense aching muscles.

I had a really good nights sleep that night. If you haven’t had Bowen before give it a go !

I look forward to my next treatment. Thank you Matt x



Hi my name's Keith. Had road traffic accident 3 year a go been to the doctors and hospital for physiotherapy made it worse there answers is pain management with very strong pain killers. I was getting pain in lower back and the back of my right knee. I got told about Bowen by a good friend. To cut a long storey shore I went on the net and found Bowen bexley phoned MATT told him what was going on he listened and I booked my first appointment 1knee went still lower back 80% better second appointment knee pain gone l back 90% gone and the best bit know pain killer at all.i wish I had this treatment 3 years ago try it you have nothing to lose only everything to gain. In my opinion it is well worth it please try it 10 STARS**********



After trying Hellerwork, Chiropractors, Deep tissue massage, Osteopathy, I know after 2 sessions with Matt that this therapy is going to be longer lasting. ( I am having treatment for hip pain, jaw alignment and tight shoulders) After a gentle session ( no cracking!) you feel profound changes going on in your body, such as better posture, release of tension, and a feeling of things being put back into place! Would highly recommend a session with such a knowledgeable and personable therapist.



I developed sciatic pain in my lower back and Matt was kind enough to see me very quickly. treatment was really good and I was amazed at the immediate difference in my posture. Thank you so much.



Had heard good things about Bowen Bexley and so when I injured my neck I booked an appointment. Matt was fantastic. After a brief professional introduction to what Bowen Therapy could possibly achieve he explained (in quite technical detail) how he intended to treat me. While I was at first sceptical about such treatment I have to admit that after just one treatment I had much more freedom of movement without pain and the associated nausea had gone. There was no pressure for more and more treatments like some other therapies I have experienced and it's very clear Matt has an amazing amount of anatomical knowledge to treat a plethora of ailments. My wife is currently being treated for some back problems and other complaints that have caused her problems for years since a car accident over a decade ago and, while the progress is not as quick and significant as my experience (given the age and extent of her problems) she has found the treatments to be positive for her. Even though I am not a person that would usually even consider what many view as 'alternative therapies' I would have to admit that I would very much recommend Bowen Bexley to anyone that asks.



I would recommend Matthew to every one .So professional,

gentle and caring.

I had started the treatment with jaw alignment and

on the coud think nothing happened.

Well my bad headaches are gone! That is relief !

Time to 'attack' an nother part of my failing body...

See you soon Matthew



I had damaged my wrist about 2 months before seeing Matt at Bowen Bexely and had been to hospital a number of times to try and get the problem resolved, I had 4 doctors tell me different things and was at a loss as to how I should get my wrist sorted, then I came and saw Matt.

Within about 10 minutes he had worked out what was causing the pain and after just one session it has removed the pain almost entirely.

Whilst I initially went to get my wrist checked out i reveived a full check up and had quite a few other things sorted that had never ocvoured to me to get checked out.

I would definitely recommend going and will definitely be going back again for future treatments



Very helpful therapy during my pregnancy and fantastic treatment that made my pregnancy enjoyable and at the end very easy and quick labour. All thank to Matt. I will revisit again and again.



I had suffered with what I called sciatica for over ten years and was in constant pain. I finally sought help from the medical profession and saw three medical consultants and was given three separate cortisone injections - they didn't work! I decided to give Bowen therapy a try and found Matt at Bowen Bexley online. I was very sceptical but after my first treatment that night I realised something was different - I had NO pain! The pain returned the following day but after each treatment my pain free periods became longer and longer. Now, after perhaps 9 or 10 treatments, I am completely pain free. I cannot praise Matt and his work highly enough - I need to give him ten stars!



Thanks so much for my treatment. I had an aching back for years and honestly now no sign of it. Thank you Matt


A lovely experience and very friendly. Would highly recommend


I have been having Bowen for app18 months it as kept me out of pain and walking straighter


I visited Matt for knee and Anxiety problems, I received excellent, expert care. The appointment involved a detailed assessment and then a tailored treatment. I am happy to report a huge improvement in my Anxiety, feeling more relaxed and in control than ever before. My knee pain has completely disappeared with regular treatments and following the simple and easy advice given after the treatment. After first being very sceptical I would definitely recommend Bowen treatment to anyone!


Matt really helped me with my Lupus and FMS. I would recommend Bowen Bexley to help with all sorts of aches and pains you might have. Thanks Matt, keep up the good work.